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Hello, I am Darwin Bedford, aka:
Atheist Messiah,
Supreme Antitheist,
Ambassador of Reason,
Destroyer of Faith, and
Spiritual Reality Therapist
until religion is denormalized.

Below is a list of my websites for the purpose of advancing towards a post-theistic paradigm.

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People want my shirts, so I oblige, but I prefer that they create their own shirts.

Religion endangers us all
Religion endangers us all by TheAtheistMessiah.
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Christopher DiCarlo wants advanced critical thinking tools to be taught in schools. He has written "A Critical Thinker's Guide to Asking the Right Questions."

by Antitheism

Book recommendation:
The God Virus:
How Religion Infects
Our Lives and Culture

by Darrel W. Ray, Ed.D.

Book recommendation:
Imagine No Superstition
by Stephen Frederick Uhl


Welcome to

The time has come to abandon Islam and advance beyond a religious paradigm.


  • to advocate against the widespread acceptance of the teachings of Muhammad as written in the Koran.

  • to advocate prescinding the infiltration of Islamic conscience into law and the courts, traditions, and government proceedings.

  • to reveal and expose the absurdity of the supernatural claims of religious adherents of the Koran.

  • to prevent the loss of human energy being wasted through religious practice, such as prayer, resulting from the interpretation of the Koran.

  • to prevent further justification of actions causing death and destruction from those in power who abuse the widespread acceptance of Islamic faith.

  • to rally the support of reasonable thinking people into bringing about a paradigm shift regarding the support for Islamic indoctrination of children and adults.

  • to hold the religious authorities accountable for their wrong doings.

  • to eliminate tax relief provided to Islamic institutions for spreading untrue and absurd supernatural claims.

  • to save individuals from grief and misery resulting from their acceptance of false information disseminated by Islamic institutions.

  • to redirect human energy from Islamic practices to reason-based societal and environmental efforts.

  • to create a clearing for world peace by eliminating religious conflict--a major contributor to wars.

  • to have religious concepts such as Allah and life-after-death to be legally recognized as a form of child mind fraud.

  • to have society denormalize religion.

This is not a hate site.

This is a love site.

With love and understanding:

  • the intent of this site is not to spread hatred for those who believe that Allah is a great god.

  • the intent of this site is to advance the wellness of individuals and society as a whole.

How does belief in Allah harm the world?

How does belief in Allah harm an individual?

followers of Allah are killing us:

  • the focus of the world needs to be "the planet an everlasting paradise" — not whether Allah is God or not.

  • wars are fought defending false beliefs about what Allah wants.

  • a person believing in Allah is living a lie and is thusly in some respect a dysfunctional member of society.

  • the media often reports instances of murders by people justifying their actions based on their religious beliefs.

Adulterers stoned to death in the north

Vancouver Sun, July 30, 2012

A spokesman for the extremist Islamic group controlling northern Mali says a couple who had an adulterous relationship was stoned to death Sunday in the town of Aguelhok. Sanda Abou Mohamed, a spokesman for the group Ansar Dine, said the couple was executed according to Shariah law. Witnesses report the man and woman were buried up to their necks, then pelted with stones.

this is me in a burka

"This is me in a burka" and more "burka funny"

a Draw Muhammad Day example - crybaby Muhammad

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

About this shirt, and racism vs anti-religion:

Darwin Bedford wearing his shirt that says 'death to Allah' Darwin Bedford wearing his shirt that says 'zero tolerance for Islam'

On the front of this shirt it says, “Death to Allah” and on the back, it says, “Zero tolerance for Islam”.

It is unwearable. As soon as you put it on, you are a "racist dick,” and people will not even give you a chance to explain what it is about. To me, it is just another one of my anti-religion shirts. Many of my shirts are specifically anti-Christianity, and they are safe to wear. This is the only one that is specifically anti-Islam.

A bartender kicked me out of a bar in Seattle for wearing this shirt and he told me that if I wear it downtown, that people will have a "field day" with me.

This shirt is not a racist shirt! It is an anti-religion shirt—there’s a difference. Muslims are not a race; Christians are not a race. Islam is a religion. Christianity is a religion. Allah is an idea just as Jesus (as God) is an idea.

I’ve been wearing specifically anti-Christianity shirts for more than 20 years (see, but as soon as I don a specifically anti-Islam shirt, I’m called a racist. I am not a racist, I love Muslims, Christians, atheists, and all people—because they are people. However, when they follow a religious doctrine, then I’m concerned for their wellbeing as well as for the people they may inflict with their harmful religious ideas.

Allah is an imagined god, not a person; and Islam is a religion not a race of people. You can be against all religions at once—and you can be against only a single religion and not necessarily be a racist. The people subscribing to the religion are people regardless of what they believe or don’t believe.

I had to approach seven businesses to get this shirt printed, so six businesses violated my freedom of speech by refusing to print this shirt.

See also the Wikipedia page on Regressive Left

Darwin Bedford wearing his shirt that says 'Everything said in the context of God being real is mere nonsense'

Whenever you see or hear the words "Allah" or "God", please think to yourself ...

"Everything said in the context of any god being real, is mere nonsense."

—and you'll be fine.

evolving man with last man trashing religious symbols

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